The aim of this committee is to ensure that we are developing the next generation of Muslim American legal scholars, leaders, and practitioners. It is only through a robust community of Muslim lawyers, serving as clerks, U.S. attorneys, judges, partners, defenders, etc. that we can really start to reform the legal system in America. To this end, we are assisting aspiring attorneys on their career paths by:

  • Creating a comprehensive network and unique matching-system of established and aspiring attorneys to serve as mentors and mentees.

  • Developing mentorship programs and activities to help stimulate the mentor-mentee relationship for long-term growth, development, and fellowship.

  • Hosting bi-monthly mentorship panel sessions, each highlighting unique career paths and specialized niches available in an attorney’s future.

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Asad Hussain

Mentorship Chair |

Asad Hussain is an associate specializing in mergers and acquisitions at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP in New York City. He graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 2015, where he served as the Vice President of the Muslim Law Student Association. He received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Richmond, magna cum laude, in 2011.


Mahmud Rizvi

Mentorship Vice Chair

Born to Pakistani American Shia Muslim immigrants, at the age of 5 Mahmud was diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration which rendered him blind. From early on, Mahmud faced arbitrary barriers preventing him from full participation in mainstream society, cultural spaces, and religious institutions. This fueled Mahmud’s passion for advocacy. Currently, Mahmud serves as the vice president of the National Association of Blind Students, a proud division of the National Federation of the Blind, the largest blindness advocacy organization in the world. Mahmud also sits on the federation’s national diversity and inclusion committee. This work takes him from the halls of Congress to rural Alabama to develop and implement innovative strategies to empower blind youth to overcome society’s arbitrary barriers. His passion lies in empowering intersectional youth who are not only disenfranchised due to their disability but also due to additional stigmatized characteristics they may possess. Mahmud has worked for the Muslim PAC eMgage during the 2018 midterms and he led Imamia Medics International’s Young Professionals’ COVID19 initial response. Mahmud recently graduated from UT Austin and will start his JD at Harvard Law next fall.

2020 Mentorship Committee Members

Asad Hussain, Mahmud Rizvi, Insiya Aziz, Kanza Jafri, Salmah Y. Rizvi, Mohammed Lakhani, Eman Bare, Mo Light

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