Legal Resources

The aim of this most important AMBA sector is provide legal resources to those in need, particularly to our most vulnerable in society. So often our Muslim American community members have difficulty traversing the law and finding adequate representation. We help fill this gap through the following initiatives:

  • Building a database of Muslim and non-Muslim attorneys who are willing to be on our rolodex of legal practitioners, organized by the practice field.

  • Being available to members of the community who reach out to us for legal support and linking them with options for both pro bono and paid attorneys.

  • Maintaining an emergency action-oriented cell-phone chat with over 100 attorneys who are standing by to counsel on legal problem-solving.

  • The aforementioned work is conducted through AMBA's Legal Resources Network (LRN) which is the umbrella network of AMBA's more specialized Law Firm Network (LFN) that consists of attorneys willing to provide their pro bono time and donate firm resources to the community. To join AMBA's Law Firm network, please email Mohammad Pathan at

  • AMBA also serves as a resource to Senators, Congress Members, and the President of the United States by diligently researching and endorsing various candidates for federal judgeships throughout the country. This work is housed throughout AMBA's Standing Committee for the Federal Judiciary (SCFJ). To join our SCFJ, please email 

Sakina Rizvi

Legal Resources Chair |

Sakina Rizvi is a consultant to, and formerly the Chief Program Officer of, Imamia Medics International (IMI), a global faith-based Muslim humanitarian organization. During that time, she managed multiple departments at IMI HQ and was also IMI’s Representative to the United Nations. She has worked in a number of international disaster relief and health missions, including in Iraq and Haiti. Sakina also served as the US Director for the American Institute of Pakistan Studies. She has also worked on interfaith engagement, coalition-building and advocacy training within the Muslim American community, and empowering Muslim women to lead and succeed. She graduated from the Washington College of Law, American University.


Sajjad Soltan

Legal Resources Vice Chair

Mohammad Sajjad is native to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He received his high school diploma at the age of 14 and began his undergraduate studies shortly after. At the University of Maryland - College Park he attained a Bachelor's of Science in General Biology with a focus on Biochemistry, a Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy with a focus on Grecian Ethics and the Philosophy of Language, and a minor in International Studies. He also served as Vice President for the local Students for Justice in Palestine chapter. Currently, he is a student pursuing a Juris Doctorate at The Marshall–Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary.

2020 Legal Resources Committee Members

Sakina Rizvi, Sajjad Soltan, Saira Haider, Salmah Y. Rizvi, Mohammad Pathan, Asad Hussain

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