The aim of this committee is to survey the pulse of the Muslim American legal community on various issues and write legal advocacy statements with a voice that represents the diverse conglomerate of the hundreds of AMBA attorneys. The Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them) were always at the forefront of speaking truth to power. AMBA, particularly through this committee, aims to be a fearless voice, demanding justice and accountability, grounded in principled legal arguments by:

  • Engaging in extensive legal research and writing on high-priority issues for the nation and accordingly, producing valuable legal statements.

  • Partnering with premiere legal organizations and institutions for our statements, signing onto and authoring amicus briefs, all while building solidarity and allyship.

  • Interfacing with the media on legal issues significant to American Muslims.

  • Hosting awareness events with community organizers and activisms.


Kulsoom Ijaz

Advocacy Chair |

Kulsoom Ijaz is a civil rights attorney based in Brooklyn, New York. Her professional experience encompasses human rights work in Palestine, and criminal defense and immigrants’ rights work in New York. She currently serves as a Senior Staff Attorney at Legal Services NYC (“LSNYC”), a non-profit organization that provides free legal services to underserved communities in New York City. During her time at LSNYC, Kulsoom has served as lead counsel on a fair housing case at the Southern District of New York, built a federal and state qui tam case, and represented tenants in multiple state court proceedings against abusive and predatory landlords. Taking a holistic approach in her legal practice, Kulsoom uses advocacy campaigns, capacity building training, and community education  to amplify a cross-section of issues that directly impact the communities she serves including gentrification, displacement, structural racism, deportation, surveillance and policing. Kulsoom has devoted her professional career to issues that directly impact the Muslim community, and she extends this work in her role as AMBA Advocacy Chair.


Insiya Aziz

Advocacy Vice Chair

Insiya is a 2L at Texas Law with experience in state legislatures and a passion for international human rights. She's excited to be a part of building AMBA's advocacy arm to speak out against oppression and promote the values of justice that the Ahlul Bayt (AS) stand for. 

2020 Advocacy Committee Members

​​​Kulsoom Ijaz, Insiya Aziz, Salmah Y. Rizvi, Mohammad Ali Naquvi, Amel Ahmed, Urooj Rahman, Farah AlHaddad, Asma Jaber, Kay El-moussaoui, Eman Bare

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